Copper Mountain

The Crystal rep said 'you must go to Copper Mountain for the day it is awesome!!' So we went, once in Copper we went up to the much vaunted powder bowl via the drag lift from hell and rode the bowl down, truth is the snow condition was not great so we didnt do it again.

The single distinguishing factor of Copper Mountain was the amazing lift queues!!! Six deep and up to 45 mins queuing, after the peace and quiet of Winter Park this was quite a shock...America's answer to Courchevel 1850 on half term!!! To be fair it was American Spring Break which meant the kids were home from school. We are glad we rode the mountain but I dont think we will be going back!!

The Powder Bowl

pic Powder Bowl

Looking across the bowl

pic looking across the powder bowl

Are we really going down there??

pic looking up the bowl

Another view down the bowl

pic another view down the bowl

Jon riding across to join me

pic Jon riding down

Here he comes

pic Jon riding down

Ok Jon, lets go

pic OK lets go

Did we really just ride down that??

pic looking up the bowl

Made it!!

pic Made it

Looking down Copper Mountain

pic Looking down Copper Mountain

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