John Merrifield

Lambourn, Berkshire, England

Currently Resting, Considering my options.

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I have always been an engineer at heart but I have also loved getting involved in building relationships (one of my core skills!) and doing some of the 'fluffy' stuff like marketing and event coordination. I also really enjoy public speaking although I dont get much chance at present.

Having left UK Broadband and moved back to West Berkshire I am considering my options. The right opportunity might exercise my 'people' skills more than at previously, or may make use of practical, hands-on skills. I guess I will know the role when it happens as I certainly do not have a 'spec' for it at the moment.

If the right opportunity comes up then I will definitely be interested. I guess my ideal would be based on 3 month contract bites rather than a permanent role.

Disciplines and Ideologies


Experience (8)

Principal Engineer

UK Broadband

March 11 - Sept 12

I constructed a prototype lampost mounted box to backhaul our Ruckus Wifi units over our LTE network in Reading

I constructed a prototype long range LTE box by integrating the LTE indoor circuit board on to a long range panel antenna.

Responsible for working with new customers to our LTE service in Southwark, demonstrating LTE Box, installing and supporting.

I was one of the Health and Safety team of three formed to get the company’s health and safety systems up to date including ISO18001 accreditation.

My responsibilities on this team are mainly to do with site working rather than office based H&S. Tasks include writing risk assessments, defining policies for working at height, PPE, RF Safety etc and receiving training in various H&S disciplines.

I 'owned' our Reading WiFi network of 28 Ruckus access points units meshing with each other then backhauling through three Ruckus point to point links to one of our radio sites. This has involved installing, configuring and performance testing of UDP and FTP up and downloads, replacing faulty units, upgrading software and moving p-p links and access points for improved performance.

I assisted in the specification of an on-site cabinet for the deployment of an LTE network, this specification has been mainly centred around minimising power requirements and reducing weight and size of cabinet for agile (and cheap!) deployment.


UK Broadband

August 09 - March 11

Firstly a solo trip to USA hiking in Colorado and Utah and sailing in Long Beach followed by some home decorating. Then had enormous fun travelling, with my wife Carol, in Australia and South East Asia for six months

This was followed up by Christmas in UK then two weeks in Madeira and a month of cross country skiing and snowboarding to put the icing on the cake!

Principal Engineer

UK Broadband

Nov 05 - Aug 09

Investigated and implemented remote power cycling units on our base sites to allow us to remotely power cycle our base station equipments.

I investigated a rash of apparent TTLNA failures on our 60 site IpWireless network. Cause found to be sensitivity to supply voltage on some units this resulted in failed TTLNA on long PoE cable runs. Specification of a low resistance industrial strength PoE cable solved the problem network-wide.

Applying second line fixes to defective IpWireless base stations returned from field and triaging them prior to RMA.

Implemented a major software upgrade that had to be done by hand on site across a 22 sites network simultaneously with customer modem upgrades.

I designed and implemented a much improved physical connection for the umbilical PoE cable on Alcatel Wimax base station radio heads.

Project Engineered a series of tests to determine the attenuation at 3.5GHz afforded by GRP panels employed in 'stealth' solutions for disguising telecoms equipment on rooftops

Commissioned a number of Alcatel WiMax base sites in Reading and London area.

I implemented a 5 unit outdoor WiFi trial,l using Moovera WiFi units and 3G backhaul in the centre of Reading.

I implemented a 3 unit WiFi indoor network in student accommodation in Reading utilising 4G proprietary backhaul once again with the Moovera access points.

Acted as main liaison point with Moovera.

Managed calibration of all test equipment.

Trained a first line maintenance field team of 7 to troubleshoot IpWireless network faults, visit sites and replace units.

Implementation Engineer

UK Broadband

Jan 05 - Nov 05

Implementing, using a team of contractors, a 33 site IP Wireless network in West London, responsibility for the I&C operation converting a 'built' site to an integrated one ready to hand over to Operations.

Project Engineer - Contract role

UK Broadband

Mar 04 - Dec 04

Project Engineer responsible for implementing a number of microwave links to support the build of a 22 site IpWireless network in Reading, Slough, Maidenhead. Project Managed the final stages of this project, liaising with contractors and suppliers.

Project Manager - Contract role

Infocell Telecom

Dec 1998 - Dec 2003

Project Managed/Engineered a number of Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) projects in Reading, Manchester, Southampton, Crawley and Eindoven. Projects utilised TETRA and GPRS to update passenger timetables in real time. Tasks also included liasing with customer, advising on radio strategy, installing RTPI kit on buses/coaches.

Consultant - Mobile Data

Dolphin Telecom

Feb 98 - June 00

Built a partner program for apps providers to work with Dolphin on TETRA mobile applications.

Chair of TETRA Business Solutions Group: Re-formed this group from WP10 of the TETRA MoU, staged a number of workshops and events and spoke at many conferences hosted by IIR in London and in Europe including TETRA World Congress. Awarded 'Most significant contribution to TETRA in 2001' by my peers in the MoU for this work.

Secretary of TETRA MoU Operators' Association, performing secretariat duties at Operator hosted venues around Europe.

Director of Radio


April 97 - Jan 98

Responsible for demonstrating, co-ordinating, marketing and selling the company’s laptop based radio planning tool. Product demonstrated at locations including Stockholm, London, Delhi, Singapore, Dallas.

Let go due to Asian currency crisis collapsing the budget for this business arm

Mobile Communications Specialist

Perot Systems Europe

Nov 94 - April 97

I was the only Mobile Communications Specialist/Mobile data evangelist amidst 5000 mainstream IT specialists.

I was a Member of the team who applied for a Mobile Data Licences from Ofcom for Metricom mesh technology.

I worked closely with Cellnet on mobile data applications for business users.

I saved Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) $18M personally by simplifying their private mobile radio strategy.

I planned a Workforce Management system using RAM mobile data for LADWP IT field engineers.

I pulled at least two 'All Nighters' and several incredibly late nights working for Perot proving my desire (and ability) to deliver at all costs


Further Education and In Career training


IOSH Managing Safely Certificate

Career spanning

Sundry qualifications comprising ONC, City and Guilds and numerous 'on the job' technology specific courses.

US Electrical Engineering Equivalent Degree

United States


US Electrical Engineering Degree equivalent-1995

This equivalence was analysed by J Silny and Associates at the instigation of Perot Systems for whom I worked at the time.

I was part of a world class team working in Los Angeles on a two year business improvement project for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.


King Henry VIII Grammar School, Coventry

A collection of 'O' levels, an 'A' level.